Aligning Business with Nature

    We are committed to generating sustainable development and benefiting the farmers´ families of Huánuco, San Martín, Ucayali and mainly Tingo María.

We collect cocoa beans from our member farmers and partners to produce and export high quality cocoa derivatives such as cocoa beans, cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa lollipop and chocolates in their different presentations.

It is important to note that around 90% of the production is organic. At the same time, we direct our efforts to raise the educational, social, technical, economic and cultural levels of 200 families of cocoa-producing farmers, while also caring for the environment and the preservation of the rainforest.

This is how we think agribusiness will be sustainable.


Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to achieving an absolutely deforestation-free supply chain for our cocoa and coffee products by 2022.

To meet the ambitious goal of incorporating thousands of farmers into a deforestation-free supply chain, we have partnered with the NGO CIMA – Cordillera Azul, to support the reduction of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD +) in the Cordillera Azul National Park, the buffer zone and the area of ​​influence, as well as the Tingo María National Park and the Río Abiseo National Park.

To ensure our impact on forest conservation, we have created Naranjillo Socio Ambiental, a non-profit organization that develops payment projects for environmental services, which will reward our associated farmers for their conservation and reforestation efforts in the Amazon.

Our goal for the year 2022 is to have an effective payment for environmental services related to deforestation, reforestation and carbon emissions avoided thanks to our cocoa and coffee producers, who will cover 600,000 hectares of conserved forests and 10,000 hectares of reforested degraded lands. with cocoa, coffee and wood species, in addition to 2,000 hectares of restored riverine forest.

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